F.A.Q – Palar Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TSaaS?

TSaaS stands for Technical Support as a Service.

How do I sign up?

Fill out this page with your company information. We’ll get back within the next few minutes.

What ticketing and chat systems does Palar support?

Any tool and system you find necessary.

What kind of information and credentials does Palar need from my company?

We take security and privacy very seriously.

We don’t need access to any OAuth tokens.

We only need 3 simple things;

1) a basic agent account in your ticketing and chat system. 

2)  access to educational resources, such as documentation, guides, articles, and previous conversations (if possible)

3) a separate communication channel (e.g. Slack, Rocket.chat) where our engineers can talk to your team in the case of outages, bugs or emergencies.

Will you sign a NDA?

Yes, but our legal team must first review it. It takes around 2-3 business days and you can discuss the details of it with your account manager or sending us an email to contact@palar.support

How do I know that Palar’s responses will be relevant?

Right after you sign up for your free trial, you can opt to enable internal responses.

With this, all of our replies will be made in the form of internal comments that you can later review and send to your customers.  

Our team is made of seasoned support engineers with a strong technical background. After a few days, their expertise will become very blatant both to you and your customers.

When that happens, you can disable internal respones, and our team will work directly with your customers.

Do you offer support in other languages other than English?

Yes, but not with 24/7 coverage at the moment. 

Is there an initial setup fee?

No. You only pay for what you use.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Tell us about your business and how you handle support in this page, and one of our team members will discuss all our discounts and benefits with you.

What kind of companies does Palar provide support for?

Companies with a technical product or service (i.e. requiring software and programming expertise).

No matter what the foundation of your product is, we will have engineers that will be able to fully help your customers.

Will your engineers  fix a bug in my application?

Our team will provide a comprehensive description of each issue and suggest reasonable workarounds for your customers, but we will not fix issues that affect your production application, as that is something that should be dealt with by the engineering team working on that project.

Will your engineers help my customers integrate my tool or API?

Absolutely! We will help with their setup and code, making sure properly guide them with  the best practices. 

What kind of companies Palar doesn’t provide support for?

If you have a very simple and non-technical product or service with several repetitive inquiries (e.g. restaurants, doctors, collecting agencies), we’re not the best solution at this moment.